Becoming a Member

Phase 1 of the Fuse initiative is focused on establishing our core membership of 10 utility organizations that will work together to create 20 training videos by the end of 2011. This founding group will play a key role in establishing the foundation of Fuse and driving the development of the initial video collection.

Collectively, members will identify the topics most important to them and work with Springboard Management and Benchmark Technologies to create tools that meet their training needs. By having a direct influence on the product, you can ensure that Fuse becomes a training resource you can rely on for your employees.

Organizations across Ontario are invited to join Fuse for a membership fee of $10,000, which will give you access to all training videos produced this year. Efforts are being made to secure sponsorships that will fund the ongoing maintenance and further development of the video library, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for annual membership fees.

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a Fuse member!

Features & Benefits

- Direct access to a growing library of best practice training videos on processes relevant to your operation and employees - Secure, scalable, web-based distribution via any computer, handheld device or pad - Opportunity to participate in the content development including topic selection, scripting and filming - Assurance that your employees are using training tools that represent the true intend of industry standards and corporate expectations - Confidence in the ongoing quality and currency of training videos that are reviewed annually to ensure that content reflects regulatory and industry changes - Opportunity to introduce more technology-based training into employee programs, which improves retention and is an expectation of upcoming generations - Associate your organization with a culture of best practice and promote safe and healthy work practices in your workplace